I am a bachelor’s student at The University of Texas at Dallas. This website is a research project dedicated to analyzing how accessible social media truly is.

Welcome to Socially Accessible! This project will discuss the importance of users with disabilities and how they navigate social media. I would like to go in depth to see why they feel like they need to use social media and why they feel it is important to them. In addition to observing them, I would like to know what design methods can be used to make social media more accessible for users with disabilities.

In this project, the disability I will be focusing on is blindness or low vision. I am particularly interested in how and why users who are blind or have low vision feel the need to use social media.

During the research of this topic, I became interested in how certain program in place is already helping users with disabilities access social media. I would like to further research this part of the topic, mainly to understand what kind of data is collected by the programs to allow the users to navigate social media.